Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  1. Can I view videos without subscription?
  2. No, you can’t view or play the videos without the subscription.

  3. For how long can I view the videos on the portal?
  4. Until & unless user is having the activated subscription plan.

    How can I unsubscribe?

  5. Unsubscribe by SMS

    • User will receive a message after subscription. “Successful Subscription for K XX amount/wk/mnth. Auto renewal on <date>. To access, http://www.goldennewsonline.com/. To cancel, un.goldennewsonline.com/u/XXXXXX.
    • Click to cancel link on message, user will be unsubscribed.

  6. Can I play or view videos even after unsubscribing?

    After unsubscribing, you can’t view or play the videos and tried to do same, the message will pop out to subscribe the services.